82 E. Main St., Breedsville, MI 49027

Council Members

Council Members

 Elected officials 

The Village has Five (5) Elected officials and one (1) Employee.

Steven Rogusta

President (4 year seat)

Elected President in 2020 and 2018. Elected Trustee 2016 Appointed Trustee in 2014 

Email: steven@breedsville.org

Cesar Leon

Trustee (4 year seat)

 Appointed Trustee in 2024 

Email: cesar@breedsville.org

Larry Weinger

Trustee (4 year seat)

Elected Trustee 2020 and Appointed Trustee 2019.     

Email: larry@breedsville.org 

Tim Weniger

Trustee (2 year seat)

Elected Trustee 2022 and Appointed Trustee 2020.     

Email: tim@breedsville.org  

Paul Cooley

Trustee (2-Year Seat)

 Appointed Trustee 2022 

Email: paul@breedsville.org

Linda Norton


Employed as Clerk in 2015 and Employed as Treasurer in 2014, Elected Trustee in 2014 and Appointed Trustee in 2012  

Email: clerk@breedsville.org

Scott Graham

Village Attorney