82 E. Main St., Breedsville, MI 49027


Marihuana Applications and Process

All Rules of the State will Be followed

Specific Requirements and Procedure for  Medical/Recreational Marihuana Facility in the Village of Breedsville

The following requirements must be completed, and copies must be provided to the Village Clerk.

Requirement – For Board Approval

  1. Site Plan
  2. Breedsville Application for Medical/Recreational Marihuana Facility
  3. The appropriate non-refundable permit application fee in the amount of $5,000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars)
  4. Copy of the Zoning Administration Approval
  5. Meet with the Village Council for approval

Procedure – After Board Approval

  1. Building Permit – Contact – Rich McGrew – mcgrewbuilding@gmail.com  or (269) 228-3234
  2. Mechanical Permit – Contact – Walt Devisser – waltdevisser.com or (269) 427-7543
  3. Electrical Permit – Contact – State of Michigan for Permit
  4. Plumbing Permit – Contact – State of Michigan for Permit
  5. Submit copies of all permits along with the Application to Village Clerk.


Permit Renewal:

Renewal of Permits will be on April 01 of every year.  This is a yearly renewal.

  1. A medical/Recreational marihuana facility permit shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance unless revoked as provided by law.
  2. A valid medical/Recreational marihuana facility permit may be renewed on an annual basis by submitting a renewal application upon a form provided by the Village of Breedsville and payment of the annual permit fee. Application to renew a marihuana facility permit shall be filed at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of its expiration.
  3. The renewal application for medical marihuana shall be subject to the same scrutiny and evaluation process as the inaugural permit application.
  4. Any Permit renewal not paid within (30) days of the due date. No attestation forms will be completed to be submitted to the state. Is subject to revolking of permit.



The Village of Breedsville has issued marijuana business licenses. As a result, the Village is required to prepare ongoing forms and attestations at the request of licensees so that those items can be sent to the State of Michigan. The Village has noted that a number of forms provided by licensees to the Village for completion have been incorrect and/or in need of correction. These corrections are time-consuming for Village Staff. Therefore, the Village adopt this policy requiring the payment of an additional sum of $250 each time a corrected form or attestation is required from the Village. This sum shall be paid over by the Village to the Clerk or to the person that the Clerk asks to complete the forms of attestations. Revised or corrected forms shall not be completed unless payment is provided.

Board Approved December 07, 2021, by roll call vote