82 E. Main St., Breedsville, MI 49027

Month: January 2023

Est. 1835 / Incorporated 1883

Seeking Interested Residents

Looking for interested Residents Zoning Board of Appeals Board The Village Council is establishing a Zoning Board of Appeals Board If you are interested in sitting on this board please get in touch with the Village Clerk at  clerk@breedsville.org

Special Meeting

Special Meeting January 21, 2023 @ 10:00 am VILLAGE OF BREEDSVILLE 82 East Main St. Breedsville, Michigan 49027 269-427-9029 NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING Pursuant to the provisions of the Michigan Open Meetings Act, notice is hereby given that the Village Council of the Village of Breedsville shall hold a special meeting on January 21, 2023,…
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Breedsville Financial Dashboard

State of Michigan – Local government – Financial Services Click here

Ordinance Review

Ordinance Workshop  All Village council members attended the workshop. All Ordinances were reviewed some will be updated in accordance with the current legal guidelines others are still within the legal guidelines and no updates are needed at this time, some will be repealed as they no longer meet these guidelines. these changes will be available…
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