82 E. Main St., Breedsville, MI 49027

Public Hearing

Budget Public Hearing 

March 07,2023 @ 6:45 pm

A Public Hearing has been scheduled for March 07, 2023, at the Regular Council Meeting at 6:45 pm at the Village Hall 82 E. Main St. Breedsville, MI, for the purpose of discussing the adoption of the 2023 -2024 Budget. A budget copy is available for public inspection on icompass the Village’s Document Center.

*THE PROPERTY TAX MILLAGE RATE PROPOSED TO SUPPORT THE PROPOSED BUDGET WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE HEARING. The levy of a Village Income Tax in accordance with the States Uniform Income Tax the sum of $19,309.77 be raised by taxation by the levy of 5.79990 mills for operations on the assessed value of all real and personal property in the Village of Breedsville as Follows: General Operation ………….. 5.79990 mills………………….$20,158.25* 

Public comments, either oral or written are welcome at the Public Hearing. Handicapped persons needing assistance or aid should contact the Village Clerk by email @ clerk@breedsville.org prior to the meeting.

Linda Norton, Clerk

*MCL 141.412 requires the notice to include the following statement in 11-point boldface type: *The property tax millage rate proposed to be levied to support the proposed budget will be a subject of this hearing* The general appropriations act must set forth the total number of mills to be lived and the purpose for the millage.