82 E. Main St., Breedsville, MI 49027

Author: Linda Norton

Est. 1835 / Incorporated 1883

News Release

Road Commission  News Release

Public Hearing

Budget Public Hearing  March 07,2023 @ 6:45 pm A Public Hearing has been scheduled for March 07, 2023, at the Regular Council Meeting at 6:45 pm at the Village Hall…
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Seeking Interested Residents

Looking for interested Residents Zoning Board of Appeals Board The Village Council is establishing a Zoning Board of Appeals Board If you are interested in sitting on this board please…
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Special Meeting

Special Meeting January 21, 2023 @ 10:00 am VILLAGE OF BREEDSVILLE 82 East Main St. Breedsville, Michigan 49027 269-427-9029 NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING Pursuant to the provisions of the Michigan…
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Breedsville Financial Dashboard

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Ordinance Review

Ordinance Workshop  All Village council members attended the workshop. All Ordinances were reviewed some will be updated in accordance with the current legal guidelines others are still within the legal…
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RULES AND POLICY REGARDING EXEMPTIONS FROM SHOVELING RESIDENTIAL SIDEWALKS These rules and policies, adopted by the Village Board, apply only to sidewalks located on property that is zoned residential and…
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Special Meeting January 21, 2023 @ 10:00 am Village Hall  82 E Main St. Breedsville, MI (269) 427-9029 NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING Pursuant to the provisions of the Michigan Open…
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Ordinance updates – In November 2022, the Village provided notice that the Village would perform a comprehensive review of its ordinances. The Village asked for comments. No comments have been…
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